Class Descriptions

Creative Movement:
Students ages 1-3 (just able to walk) enjoy a first-time class experience where activities are geared toward familiarity with having a teacher, classmates and fun instruction!  Our maximum class size is 6 tots to one teacher and one teacher's assistant.  Class includes stretching, basic ballet, ribbons, parachute and other creative dances!

Mother & Toddler:
Students ages 3 and under participate in a fun creative movement class with their mom, dad, grandparents or guardian. Students learn fun dances while being introduced to ballet basics.

Ages 3-5 Incorporates practice of gross motor and fine motor skills with attention given to ballet and tap technique. Program also encourages social skills such as taking turns, cooperation, and friendly words and actions. This class consists of 30-40 minutes of ballet, 15-20 minutes of tap, and creative movement dance for 5-8 minutes.

Level 1:
(Ages 5-7) Designed for the developing attention span of the kindergarten and first grade student, this class focuses on the introduction of ballet and tap to lay a good foundation for continued dance education in a fun, fast-paced atmosphere with age appropriate music. This class consists of 30-40 minutes of ballet, 15-20 minutes of tap, and 5-8 minutes of free dance time.

Level 2:
(Ages range) Designed to focus on body alignment and technique and prepare students to start taking corrections. This class consists of 30-40 minutes of ballet, (stretching, barre, center & across the floor), 15-20 minutes of tap, and 5 minutes of free dance time. 

Level 3:
(Ages Range) This is a combined class of ballet, tap, and jazz. Ballet class is usually 40 minutes, Tap is 15-20 miniutes and Jazz is 15-20 minutes. Our emphasis is on ballet as we believe a strong ballet base will only make our dancers better in other styles.

Level 4 & Up:
Each class after this point will be based on age, technique, and discipline. At this level classes are taken more serious. Students should be appyling corrections each week. Students will remain in a level for atleast 3 yrars and will continue to stay until perfected unless told otherwise by the instructor. This is NOT the child or parents decision!


Styles of Dance:

A classical form of dance which focuses on body alignment and technique. Barre, center floor & progressions (movement across the floor) are used to develop technique.

An energetic style of dance, which uses ballet technique combined with current styles of dance. Class is upbeat using current music. (Jazz students are required to take a Ballet class as well)

A rhythmic style of dance, using special shoes to accent sounds and rhythms. Great for coordination.

Hip Hop:
(Placement is based on skill level) A relaxed free style form of dance, which uses your own personal rhythm, as well as current dance moves. Our Hip Hop Dance Program is a high energy, upbeat dance class that will teach your dancer about the ideas behind Hip Hop Dance and style while using current music selections that are age appropriate.

Modern dance is a dance style that centers on a dancer's own interpretations instead of structured steps, as in traditional ballet dancing. Students that do not take ballet class maybe used separately in dances as their skill level will not be as high as students with ballet training.

Musical Theatre:
is a form of theatre combining music, songs, spoken dialogue and dance. The emotional content of the piece – humor, pathos, love, anger – as well as the story itself, is communicated through the words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole.

Praise Dance:
Jazz, lyrical and contemporary styles of dance. This class will consist of center warm up, across the floor and choreography.

Intro to Jazz/Jazz 101:
A very beginner jazz class that introduces isolations, and basic jazz steps. Fun, up beat class with great music! Students are nto required to take ballet class but are strongly encouraged.

Jumps, Tricks & Turns:
A class designed for students that excel in their regular classes. Students work on perfecting harder turns and other dance tricks that are not taught in regular classes.

Learn how to do back hand springs, back walk overs and more to include in your next dance routine!

Is a traditional form of dance originating in Ireland. This is a beginner class; however, students that have taken this class before may be seperated from the very beginner dancers or asked to perform another dance.

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