Updated 5/7/2018

ESDA's Recital Information


​2018 Annual Recital

(All Classes Participate!)

​Our 14th Annual recital will be held at the Cambridge-South Dorchester High School

Mandatory Dress Rehersal Scheduled for Friday, May 18th starting at 4:00pm

​Performances will be held on

Saturday, May 19th at 6:00pm 


Sunday, May 20th at 3:00pm 







Friday May 18th:

3:45 pm Creative Movement Mon/Tues/Wed/Sat                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        4:00 pm Primary Sat. Ballet then Tap            

4:15 pm Hip Hop Tots A & B & then Jazz Tots


4:25 pm Primary Tues Ballet then Tap


4:35 pm Primary Mon Ballet then Tap


4:45 pm Primary Thurs. Ballet then Tap


5:05 pm Level 1 Mon Ballet then Tap


5:15 pm Level 1 Tues Ballet then Tap


5:25 pm Level 1 Thurs Ballet then Tap


5:35 pm Level 1 Sat Ballet then Tap


5:45 pm Intro to Jazz Monday


5:50 pm Beg. Modern Monday


5:55 pm Jazz 101 Wed


6:00 pm Beg. Modern Wednesday


6:05 pm Beg. Musical Theatre


6:10 pm Beg. Jumps, Tricks & Turns


6:15 pm Ballroom Kids


6:20 pm Level 2 Monday Ballet then Tap


6:30 pm Level 2 Wed Ballet then Tap


6:40 pm Level 2 Thurs. Ballet then Tap


6:50 pm Level 3 Tues/Thur Ballet, Tap then Jazz


7:05 pm Level 3 Wednesday Ballet, Tap then Jazz


7:20 pm Int Modern


7:25 pm Praise Jr


7:30 pm Int Musical Theatre


7:35 pm Praise Sr


7:40 pm Intermediate Jumps, Tricks & Turns


7:45 pm Beg Hip-Hop


7:50 pm Int Hip-Hop


7:55 pm Adv. Hip Hop


8:00 pm Adv. Jumps Tricks and Turns


8:05 pm Cheerleading


8:10 pm Level 4 Ballet, Tap then Jazz


8:25 pm Level 5/6 Ballet, Tap then Jazz


8:40 pm Level 7/8 Jazz, Tap then Ballet


8:55 pm Adv. Modern/ Adv. Musical theatre


*Everyone should be able to leave the building by 9:15 pm


Rehearsal Guidelines:

Recita Rehearsal @ CSDHS in Auditorium (this is NOT a "DRESS" rehearsal; that was already held within the studio)

      *Mandatory Rehearsal Guidelines:

·         This means that students will not need to bring his/her costumes to the high school!

·         This Rehearsal is MANDATORY; it typically takes place the Friday night before our first show on Saturday night! Students that do not attend rehearsal will not be able to perform in the show. If your child is sick, please call Mrs. Jessica’s cell (ONLY IN THE CASE OF AN EMERGENCY!): 443-521-2602. 

·         ALL DANCERS SHOULD HAVE PLENTY OF WATER.  NO DANCER SHOULD BE WITHOUT DRINKS, SNACKS OR A MEAL IF HE/SHE STAYS BEYOND THEIR DINNER HOUR.  FOOD & DRINKS WILL NOT BE PROVIDED.   Parents are responsible for making sure this provision is made.  There will be no group orders taken for meals.

·         VIDEOGRAPHY-We are asking that if you would like to video tape YOUR child’s dancing at the rehearsal you may. Please understand that the teacher’s choreography is the teacher’s choreography and we have copyright to them. Do NOT post choreography of the dances online without the choreographer’s permission and do NOT do this before the performance. Videography is not allowed during the actual performance. We will have a professional videographer record a high quality DVD. To purchase see the front desk.  Orders are due no later than Monday, April 16th and must be paid with cash or check only.

·         We ask that parents and students do NOT post pictures of children in costume until after the performance. Everyone coming to watch the show should see the costumes for the very first time on stage.

·         Correct rehearsal times will be posted on the board and on the website in a timely manner.  Whatever your child’s scheduled rehearsal time is, please be on time! We will do our very best to get everyone quickly on and off stage.

·         Students do NOT need to have hair and makeup done for rehearsal, but we do ask that hair is secured away from face unless needing to practice with hair down.

·         Students do need to attempt to wear the correct color tights for rehearsal. Please do not use your tights that you or your child will be wearing for the actual show. The stage is very dirty and we do not wish to have you purchase another pair.

·         Plan for the worst: Make sure you have ice packs, ankle/knee braces, water etc. Anything you may need!

·         Recital picture pick up: We will have a recital picture pick up day sometime in June. If you are unable to pick them up, please make arrangements to do so. All pictures that are not picked up will be turned into Miss. Jessica and will NOT be available for pick up until the beginning of ESDA’s next dance season (August).



·         Arrive as prepared as possible. If you come in costume you must be covered! Be sure to be fully ready for the performance NO LATER than 30 minutes before the show. 

·         If an ESDA student arrives fully dressed in costume, he or she MAY NOT WALK THROUGH THE COMMON’S AREA before or during the show; you must be fully covered with no costume showing. Our audience should be surprised by the unique and beautiful costumes we have this year. Please help keep the professionalism of the show by respecting the director’s wishes.  Quick Parent Tip:  a large men’s button down shirt is a great cover-up & does not have to be pulled over your child’s head to put on & take off.

·         Primary-Level 2 students will be in the chorus room. Level 3-4, and hip hop classes will be in the band room. 

·         All other classes will be posted on the doors the day of the show. 

·         Please make sure you have all head pieces/props and costumes lined up in order before the show.

·         Please make sure you have the correct color tights/ hair etc! YOU WILL NOT PERFORM IF NOT!

·         Students are not permitted to perform with holes in tights. We want to be as professional as possible, so please take the way you or your child is represented seriously.

·         Parents are responsible for having someone help change their child’s costumes. We are always lacking adequate help in the back, so please do not rely on that care being provided. Hiring SITTERS is recommended, so parents can enjoy the entire show without having to get up and down for costume changes.  This is disruptive to you and it is particularly disruptive to the audience.  Please plan and make arrangements ahead of time.

·         All dancers age 8 & under will need a parent to sign them out of the room.

·         IMPORTANT: Once you have checked your child out, they are welcome to watch the rest of the show, HOWEVER, students are not allowed to wear any costumes in the auditorium whatsoever UNTIL AFTER THE CONCLUSION OF THE SHOW. This becomes distracting to the audience and takes away from the dancers that are on stage. PLEASE BRING AN EXTRA CHANGE OF CLOTHES OR SOMETHING TO AT LEAST COVER UP YOUR COSTUME!

·         Each participating student that is only performing one night will receive a FREE student ticket from his/her teacher the week before recital. This is so students can come to the performance and watch the night in which they are not performing. Note: Young students are inspired to be better dancers by watching older students dance; this benefits them in the long run, so please encourage them to come. We ask that ESDA students support and uphold fellow ESDA students-remember we are ONE team.

·         -NO VIDEOGRAPHY DURING THE PERFORMANCE! We do have a professional videographer. All choreography is the property of Eastern Shore Dance Academy. To prevent copyright issues we must control who is viewing ESDA’s choreography.

·         -No Flash photography during the performance. This can affect the performing dancers’ vision .

·         BE SURE TO CLEAN UP ALL OF YOUR BELONGINGS IN THE CHORUS, BAND AND THEATRE ROOMS.  Leave nothing behind.  Things left behind usually end up in the trash.



Costume Reminder Information for packing for your dancer's actual recital costume if he/she had a DIY Costume:


​Beg. HH:  School uniforms (supposed to portray students)  Examples are...plaid skirts, button down shirts, suspenders, bow ties, jumpers with shorts, tall socks, sneakers


Int. HH:  Camo (Army Print) & Black, any combination


Adv. HH:  own combinations of black...keeping HH in mind please


Recital Costumes for BOY dancers:

Please let us know if you have any questions or need further clarification.


Int. Musical Theatre: Audition attire

Beginner Jumps, Tricks, Turns: Black Jazz pant, black jazz shoes, black fitted short sleeve shirt

Level 4 Ballet: Khaki pants, white form fitting short-sleeve shirt

Level 4 Tap: Black pants, black collared shirt, hot pink bow tie

Level 4 Jazz: Neon

Ballroom:  See Aggie

Praise Jr.: Dark Purple button-down shirt, black dress pants.

Int. Hip Hop:  Camo (Army print) & Black-any combination

Primary Thursday Ballet: Black pants, white collared shirt, light blue bowtie

Primary Thursday Tap: Black pants, white collared shirt, Royal Blue or Hot Pink bow tie. Can add suspenders if desired.

Hip Hop Tots B: white pants, silver top

​Adv. Hip Hop: Any combination of Black

Beg HH: School uniforms w/sneakers. Ex. Button down shirts, suspenders, bow ties, tall socks



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